Breaking the male perspective in Lord of The Rings

So most stories in games and movies is centered around men and male narratives. Much have been said about that so I do not feel the need to elaborate myself on it. But in the Minetest project Lord of the test just like in the stories inspiring it there is a lack of women. Or more like, there is none at all. So I’ve taken on myself to add a second gender to all mobs, starting with the dwarfs.

I will try to avoid makin the classic “ms. male caracter” where standard female traits are added to the male caracter. As in adding makeup, a bow, a dress or lots of bare skin. Since the boxy shape of the minetest caracters is more male like it’s not super easy but I think I have succeded in what I tried to.

















The female dwarf have no beard, less bushy eyebrows and a higher waist. I also made her a redhead.

















Since we see almost no females in the stories, they have to be somewhere else then on the battlefield. So her weapon of choice is a pickaxe for mining deep underground. But since lott is a world in war she ofc. have to have proper protection too so I kept the armor with some minor changes.








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