Back pains

I seem to have damaged my tailbone about 3 months ago. I have a shooting pain that increases whenever i sit upright on a flat or hard surface. The pain gets worse over the day and does not go away until i stand up or lay down for an extended time. For what I’ve read:

  • The majority of coccyx injuries occur in women, because the female pelvis is broader and the coccyx is more exposed.
  • A fall onto the tailbone in the seated position, usually against a hard surface, is the most common cause of coccyx injuries.
  • The pain is generally worse when sitting for prolonged periods of time, or with direct pressure to the tailbone area.

I would say that all of these applies to me, I’ve fallen on my butt on many occasions this winter and spring, I am a female and _yes_ the pain gets worse over time.

So what can I do?

Injuries to the region of the tailbone rarely require a visit to the emergency department. However, if you are concerned about your symptoms, it is wise to call a doctor or visit the nearest hospital’s emergency department.

Well it is the summer so no available doctor’s appointments are available the coming months so I will have to solve this on my own.

Tailbone injuries are often extremely painful, so home remedies aim to control pain and avoid further irritation to the area.

  • Avoid sitting down for long periods of time. When seated, avoid sitting on hard surfaces and alternate sitting on each side of the buttocks. Also, lean forward and direct your weight away from the tailbone.
  • You can purchase a “doughnut” or u-shaped cushion or pillow to sit on. This cushion has a hole in the middle or back to prevent the tailbone from contacting the flat surface.

So I’ve decided on making a pillow to begin with, I cut out a rectangle with a hole in the back and made a first layer of cover. I will make a better cover with a strap to keep the two sides to slide apart.


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