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Budget cuts


Mordor – soon!

So I thought I was finished but I had one last thing I wanted – A freaking skeleton!


skeleton-back skeleton-front

Signs – picture edition

I keep working on my mod with signs for a town, Is there something except a bed (for an inn) missing now?

Screenshot from 2014-12-05 14:59:44









Bonus: The progress with mordor lamps!

Screenshot from 2014-12-05 15:02:05

So there is a Minetest-gamemod “Moon Test” which is a lovely experience in itself but in thecurrent stage of development it is a bit pale. Mobs and other “creatures” would been awesome. Unfortunately, my codingskills is not so well developed (and 100% self taught). They is right now made up my by me tinkering the code to the existing mods and see what happens. So it takes a long time and the result is not always so good.

What I‘m good at is to draw and create. So I made a skin for an undead cosmonaut so when someone will sit down and write mods to the moon tests, there is one already. I’m thinking about making small robots, and might get me into the fight with Blender again. But we’ll see.


undead_astronaut org_astronaut






Minetest + fail

Trying to build my kingdom for the clanwars server in Lord of the test. The progress is hindered by me cutting my fingernail in half.

But I have a skin I’m ok with so everything is not fail.

screenshot_653196763 screenshot_653209274











Building a kingdom

screenshot_3382363260 screenshot_3382404311screenshot_3382670096 screenshot_3382681500 screenshot_3382707337 screenshot_3382798520

I’m working on a package of decorative blocks for Lord of the test, but it takes much more time than you think.

Pic 1 & 2; I need stone pillars for making a dwarf kingdom.

Pic 3; pillars for an Elven city.

Pic 4; wood and desertstone, test.

Pic 5; Golden roof of mellorn leaf (no leafdecay).

Pic 6; Top of stone pillar as a stone floor.




I got a tip from a friend that I should try to use a wacom pad instead of a mouse. And since I have been working a lot lately with modifying a texture pack to minetest (those posts disappeared when the blog crashed) I felt like it was worth a shot. Because It is extremely difficult to use a mouse to paint and edit pictures and drawings, especially if you spent a lot of time to paint with ordinary pens and brushes. And my partner have had a wacom lying around a long time now so I already had all I needed.


I spent a few hours playing around hand sketching and editing drawings I already had. It’s an incredible difference from using a mouse. The plate has a high sensitivity and I would say that by being able to use small strokes and a steadier hand it increases precision with probably around 20 times that of a normal mouse! It’s almost shameful that I have not tried it before. But as with everything else it takes practice and rest between practising. Tonight I have sketched in maybe four hours straight and need to stretch my legs.