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I got a tip from a friend that I should try to use a wacom pad instead of a mouse. And since I have been working a lot lately with modifying a texture pack to minetest (those posts disappeared when the blog crashed) I felt like it was worth a shot. Because It is extremely difficult to use a mouse to paint and edit pictures and drawings, especially if you spent a lot of time to paint with ordinary pens and brushes. And my partner have had a wacom lying around a long time now so I already had all I needed.


I spent a few hours playing around hand sketching and editing drawings I already had. It’s an incredible difference from using a mouse. The plate has a high sensitivity and I would say that by being able to use small strokes and a steadier hand it increases precision with probably around 20 times that of a normal mouse! It’s almost shameful that I have not tried it before. But as with everything else it takes practice and rest between practising. Tonight I have sketched in maybe four hours straight and need to stretch my legs.


Umeåhackerspace  have just installed an open sign showing in red, green, yellow if they are open, closed or are away for a while. They have linked this function both to their IRC channel and website. And for the home page, they needed a picture to show the sign. So I pulled together a sidebarfriendy digital sign. It was designed in Inkscape and downloaded the fonts from the internet.