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A long fear realized

Well my dog does a lot of stupid things. One is walking around cars with his leash dragging along the surface. I’m always afraid that he would get stuck or damage the car.. and today he succeeded.

Why dog why??

IMG_20160519_134255 IMG_20160519_134311 IMG_20160519_134301






1 April


Makita tried to April fool me. Nice try.


Such sleep.

craving for puppy

I start to miss my puppy now #upk14. But I get regular updates on what they are doing and it looks soo cozy.

(sorry for the pictures from a horrible proprietary site! blame the babysitter)

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Lovely guardian;

Friends forever

Makita has found a new friend <3 <3 <3

IMAG1785 IMAG1797

The Cone.

I’m editing and looking through old pictures with the newly installed LightZone and found these lovely of a Makita who is not thrilled with the cone.


Makita pirate dwarf dog!


Yarrr! Makita have to impress us. He became a pirate. Life is different now.

(on our way to #UPK14 in Uppsala!)

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