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The Gold Coder

Back in 2015 when I was actively working with Minetest I met a coder named Oldcoder. He provides servers and codes in minetest. He has been a great resource for a long time and is quite liked. He went through some hard times a while back and the community made him the best possible xmaspresent.

I thought it was beautiful. Minetest really connects a lot of awesome people!


I’m having a day fixing stuff, but how do I sort bits without a holder?


Minetest + fail

Trying to build my kingdom for the clanwars server in Lord of the test. The progress is hindered by me cutting my fingernail in half.

But I have a skin I’m ok with so everything is not fail.

screenshot_653196763 screenshot_653209274












ANNOUNCING NEW SERVER! Welcome to LORD OF THE TEST! You can make armor, fight orchs and balrogs, find mithril and take your boat down the great rivers! 60 000



I’m cleaning my computer after reinstalling ubuntu to fix a graphics bug. So hopefully I will be able to post some projects soon. Yay. And also Makita is trying to create another dog inside the vacuum-cleaner.

Aaaand then I had to move the blag since the server wasn’t fast enough… All comments are removed because of spam so I’m kinda free to do what I want now.. like play minetest!



A beast in bed

The legs that my grandfather made ​​for our bed for 25-30 years ago are cracked and creaking. So the only thing to do is go back to a mattress on the floor.


Makita love to lie under the bed but now it will not be able to. The poor thing!



And finally a gate to keep the beast out. Or inside?



Umeåhackerspace  have just installed an open sign showing in red, green, yellow if they are open, closed or are away for a while. They have linked this function both to their IRC channel and website. And for the home page, they needed a picture to show the sign. So I pulled together a sidebarfriendy digital sign. It was designed in Inkscape and downloaded the fonts from the internet.




Welcome new readers!


mmm cat were destroyed due to a failed sdcard. We’re working to scrape up the remains and start over. Fuck you.