Last post was about Making decorative blocks for Lord of the test game, this is version one.


Obs! Not finished!

Building a kingdom

screenshot_3382363260 screenshot_3382404311screenshot_3382670096 screenshot_3382681500 screenshot_3382707337 screenshot_3382798520

I’m working on a package of decorative blocks for Lord of the test, but it takes much more time than you think.

Pic 1 & 2; I need stone pillars for making a dwarf kingdom.

Pic 3; pillars for an Elven city.

Pic 4; wood and desertstone, test.

Pic 5; Golden roof of mellorn leaf (no leafdecay).

Pic 6; Top of stone pillar as a stone floor.




I’m working on updating the Lord Of The Test-Wikipage and noticed that the Farming category needed to be updated. With some help from mmn-o I used grep to list all the different food and their hp. Quite useful.

And since you can get damage in 1/2 a heart I assume that the definition follows that rule.

Screenshot from 2014-08-07 11:51:46

Minetest Hatches


I have been missing a good-looking mod for hatches in Minetest since I have a thing for cellars. So I searched for a mod in the forum and found a working one but was not so pretty and I wanted it to work with the wood in Lord of the test.


I used this and modified it with new textures and support for Lott. And found that the node where flipped when open so the new hatches required two textures, one for open and one for closed.

I tried to modify the doors mod to work with the hatches but that was too complicated for me, but maybe someone else can rewrite it to be a bit more efficient.

Regular wood:

screenshot_2702211290  screenshot_2702216785





Alderwood and Lebethronwood:

screenshot_2702224528  screenshot_2702239933





Mallornwood and Birchwood:

screenshot_2702248536  screenshot_2702232298





Many thanks to ironzorg for the mod!

Download hatches


2 Steel ingot

4 Wood




My lord of the test wiki post (in progress)

Magic rings come in two kinds;<br>
Elven Rings<br>
Dwarf ring<br>

Both kinds of rings require a lot of material, time and digging. Some material needed are deep down in the ground and are rare. The rings are made in steps with crafting and cooking. But the reward is worth the work and does not wear out like other tools.

# Elven Rings

vilya – Sets your health to max every 30 seconds

narya – Makes (good) mobs follow you

nenya – Same armor stats as a full set of mithril

Nenya is a piece of armour and should be placed with the rest of your armour. Both vilya and narya is recuired to be held in your hand, when you switch to another items the ring is not active. So when gathering an army of good mobs you can deactivate the ring so they attacks hostile mobs. When you use the ring they will only follow you and do not attack enemies like they usually do.

# Dwarf Ring

The dwarf ring reacts with some unrefined materials and duplicate them. It is a powerful tool and will make you rich!

**Materials it works with;**<br>
limestone lump<br>
silver lump<br>
tin lump<br>
lead lump<br>
coal lump<br>
iron lump<br>
copper lump<br>
gold lump<br>
rough rock lump<br>

Craft – Put the ring and lump in the crafting area to get two lumps of the material. The dwarf ring stays in the crafting area.

# Craft

To make a ring as a base for all the different kinds of rings you have to make ring silver. The craft is shapeless but the silver should be divided in two.

**G**  gold lump<br>
**M**  mithril lump<br>
**S**   silver lump 2<br>

**G O O**<br>
**M O O**<br>
**S S O**<br>

**Output**: 1 Ring silver lump
Cook the lump in a furnace to get a ringsilver ingot.

Craft a basic ring.

**S S S**<br>
**S O S**<br>
**S S S**<br>

**Gem Ring**<br>

Next step is to make a ring with a gem. The craft for elven rings requires a white, blue and red gem. For the dwarf ring, combine the blue and red gem to get a purple gem.

**O G O**<br>
**O R O**<br>
**O O O**<br>

# Almost magic ring – Elven Ring

Place the ring in the crafting area and surround it with rough rock lumps to get a ring with a mystic glow to it. Place it again in a furnace, this will take some time, so be patient.

# Almost magic ring – Dwarf ring

Make a purple gem ring from a basic ring and a purple gem. Surround the ring with mitril ingots to get a mithril ring and then surround the ring with rough rock lumps like the others to get an almost magic ring and cook it in the oven.

### The One Ring

The whereabouts of the One Ring is still not known, yet.

Laptop cooler

Hello. It is hot. So hot. And I want to play minetest with my laptop – in my lap. But no. Too hot. So I improvised.


I killed two of the document trays and put them together with cableties. An put a fan from a computer in between and put gluegunglu so it wont slide on the metal. Awesome.

20140727297 20140727296 20140727295 20140727294

20140727302 20140727301


ANNOUNCING NEW SERVER! Welcome to LORD OF THE TEST! https://social.umeahackerspace.se/url/26581 You can make armor, fight orchs and balrogs, find mithril and take your boat down the great rivers!
minetest.umeahackerspace.se 60 000


Minetest mods on Catalonia server


I run a server with the name Catalonia that contains various so I will try to list them and link to descriptions so it will be easier to use all the crafts and materials when building and playing!


– All things you will met in the game, and some crafting.

– A bed to sleep in, only works when you are alone on the server.

– Gives you a boat!

– kinda buggy but so much fun!

– Gives you a clock!


– Items and blocks inspired by the darkages.
(I have removed the stone brick since it collides with the moreblocks mod)

– One of my favorites, It enables you to make a cosy home and cool torches and so on.

– I do not know much about this but i just put it on the server and I think it needs some tinkering before it will work.

– A popular mod that gives more things to build with, and also trapstone and trapglass.
– https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?id=509

– My personal favorite. Gives you cool trees

Plantlife – includes a lot of mods, like bushes

– Create your own skin for your caracter and send it to me.

– Creates pyramids hidden i the desert with traps and mummies.

– I do not know that much about this mod but craft:
O   O
x= steel_ingot
o= tree_trunk
To make a sawtable and create all kinds of blocks.


Other than this I have made some own mods and modifications.


I’m cleaning my computer after reinstalling ubuntu to fix a graphics bug. So hopefully I will be able to post some projects soon. Yay. And also Makita is trying to create another dog inside the vacuum-cleaner.

Aaaand then I had to move the blag since the server wasn’t fast enough… All comments are removed because of spam so I’m kinda free to do what I want now.. like play minetest!




Sometimes you do buy things that starts one’s imagination and inspires one to do something equally awesome. What I will make with the help of these is still uncertain, except using them every day.